Who is GRO?

Gateway Research Organization is a non-profit applied research association based out of Westlock, AB. We take risks so that you, the producer, don’t have to. Governed by a forward thinking board of directors who set the tone for GRO, we are driven, passionate and curious. We love learning and then sharing what we learn with producers.

Increased viability and profitability of producers is in all of our best interests. We work hard to produce high quality, unbiased, and scientifically sound research, based on local growing conditions and soil properties. Collaboration with specialists from across the agriculture industry, government, and educational institutions increases our knowledge. Demonstration of innovation, research on topics of interest, and active participation by local producers results in valuable information that can help producers make the best decisions for their operation.

Heifer Exit Day

As a member of the Agricultural Research and Extension Council of Alberta (ARECA), GRO collaborates with and mutually supports an number of other applied research and forage associations across the province. As an umbrella organization ARECA advocates on our behalf and provides support for some of our common organizational development needs. To learn more about ARECA and other member associations click here.

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Join us for a tour, field day, workshop, or meeting. Learn from our research, demonstrations, and/or fellow producers. Share your knowledge and ideas.